The Denim Shoe Effect

The Denim Shoe Effect

Denim the most common staple world wide. This classic garment appears to change each season and silhouette of the denim seem to drastically change about every five to seven years. With trends transitioning to straight and wide-leg looks, the shoes are changing along with the denim trends. So how are the denim looks affecting shoe styles? To answer that question, lets look at the denim trends first.

Vintage Straight Denim: Vintage denim styles are not going anywhere.  The rise of this reemergence of the mom-jean came from the thrift store shopping habits of the gen-z and x's.  The idea to make something once old, new again, has hit all the ready-to-wear companies fast within the last few years.  Companies have been scrambling to eliminate spandex and stretch in their denim to accommodate a vintage feel and fit.

Wide-leg jeans: Wide-leg jeans are providing a huge statement with denim in 2023. This style is a reaction to the opposing skinny jean we've seen the last 13 years. The silhouette is more comfy and relaxed. 

High-waisted jeans: High-waisted jeans are a not going anywhere.  With the death of the tunic length tops the high waist denim accommodates the more natural waist pieces. It is a timeless classic and will hang on in 2023.

The effect on shoe styles relates to the length of the hem on a pant.  Denim styles are having a impact on shoe styles because instead of a rolled skinny denim with a bootie or tucked into a boot; now denim once again, needs to be cut or altered to fit. So we are seeing now seeing heels, sneakers, sandals and flats are all being paired with all styles of denim to accommodate that hem length that was once rolled or tucked.

Sneakers are a good option for creating a casual look on a straight vintage denim or crop cut-off bottom. Heels are a popular option if mixing more bulky denim fits to add a feminine touch to "rougher pieces" and elongate the legs.  I personally love flats with wide-leg pieces. I always think classics French aesthetic, it creates an easy, but sophisticated feel.

Yes, our new denim styles are having a significant impact on shoe styles in 2023. Before you go "hating" on all the denim trends try them out with different shoe styles.  The shoes can really make or break your look. 

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