Lord of the Fidget Rings

Lord of the Fidget Rings

Since the lock-down of 2020, I think most people recognize some form of anxiety in themselves.  I honestly, never thought much about it until after the lock down ended.  Now, I am more aware of my anxieties and those behaviors. Like any other trend it follows people so here enters the new trend of anti-anxiety jewelry.

Anti-anxiety jewelry has become a huge because of the human need to move during social interactions. Think of a pen clicking during a meeting, or a leg shaking during a performance. This newer jewelry trend is actually helps people manage small amounts of stress caused in social settings.  The pieces work as tools that provide a physical outlet for nervous or loud energy. Everything from fidgeting rings, to spinney necklaces, and calming whistles, basically anything to calm the extra energy from stress.  

Fidget rings, my favorite, are discreet rings that are elegant and function as mini spinner toys. These rings create a distract from stressful situations and focusing the energy on the spin. They are extremely versatile in spins, colors, materials, and sizes, which makes them popular.

Anxiety necklaces serve the same function as the fidget rings. Most have some sort of tactile element or movement, that can be played with to help calm the owner. Worn around the neck but still discreet and classic looking type styles.

Whistles are also a fun and helpful option. Slightly more noticeable but the benefit could be even greater with the calming action of breathing into the necklace to calm ones self during stressful events.

Anti-anxiety jewelry is only gaining momentum. The path for a physical outlet for unused nervous energy, is what is making them so incredibly popular. The creative designs and styles is the reason people are actually using the jewelry.  So get a peace of mind and find yourself to be a Lord of the Fidget Ring.

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