Be My Galentine

Be My Galentine

When did Valentines become about the ladies? Well if we are honest, it has always really been about us.  Very few guys are super excited to open their wallets and public displays of affection on this hallmark holiday, even if they are the romantic type. So, I think it's great that the ladies want to celebrate with each other instead.

The birth of Galentine's Day has been trending in the last decade.  Pop-culture and social media has made it an unofficial holiday to celebrate your lady friends. Finding excuses to shop, drink beverages, and eat delicious chocolates has cause a rise of gal nights and shopping parties in celebration of this new holiday.

The Galentines actual originator is most likely unknown.  With the social media posts, themed parties, and of course Leslie Knope celebrating her gals on Parks and Rec. has caused the holiday to gain even more popularity. The party supplies and balloon stores love this new Instagram holiday just as much as your local wine shop.

Galentines is not all about commercialism and Instagram. Galentine's Day is a good idea because it is an excuse to support and care about your female friends. It's human nature to compare ourselves to others, what if there was one night to just celebrate each other. Sounds so corny, right? It does, but an excuse to shop and be together with your friends, sounds like something I could definitely get behind.

The idea of celebrating your pals has gained momentum around Valentines day. So gather your gal gang, your ride-or-die friends, the ones that lift you up, and stand by you, celebrate those friends on Galentines.  Pop the champagne, fill your glasses, take your selfies, and celebrate your pals in style. If you're going to go shop, you might as well head to Twill Trade.

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