Hide From The Leprechauns

Hide From The Leprechauns

Why do we wear green on the most celebrated Irish holiday, and where does that tradition stem from?

Originally, Saint Patrick was known for a more blue color, not green. The classic green hue gained popularity by the immigrants in America dating way back to the late 17th and 18th centuries. 

It is said, that the Irish green, worn on this holiday, represents the green of the verdant landscapes of Ireland. During that time, the immigrants began celebrating their homeland and culture in America. They did this in tribute of their heritage; by honoring the clover covered hills of their ancestors in replicas of green dress. 

So goes the tradition of green costume on this day, is to help hide from the leprechauns. The huge parades across the nation, and the sea of green garb on St. Patrick's day, is a form of "Where's Waldo" hiding in the masses.

In the fashion world, this classic green color symbolized on this holiday will continue its popularity into spring and summer of 2023.  The vivid magenta is a pantone popular pick this year along with the bright classic green adorned on Saint Patrick's day. This is ideal for those looking to hide from leprechauns well into the summer months.

This year, be sure to embrace the tradition of adorning with green attire on and after this Irish holiday. Not only will you be honoring Irish heritage and tradition, but also jump start top trend picks with the pantone hue of classic green. The green beer is not included.

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