Metal Me or Metal She?

Metal Me or Metal She?

Metallic trends in women's clothing? I love a little shimmer and glamour at Christmas, but year round, and all-over?  This trend is a hard pass for me, on the full head-to-toe look; but like any trend I think anyone should attempt to incorporate elements of the trend.

Elevate your style and have fun; embracing the metallic doesn't have to be scary. From all over tin-man looks to subtle accents, there's a way for anyone to make it work for them.

A metal hack, to incorporate this trend into your wardrobe is through the use of weaves, overlays, or fabrics. Metallic scream "look at me" that is why they maintain their popularity around the holidays; your outfit is competing with all the holiday décor and extra lights.  So, if year round, you prefer a little more subtle nod to the metals, paiyour metals with more neutral hues for a sophisticated look.

Another way to quietly use metallic into your wardrobe is through the use of metallic accessories. Neutral comfy outfits with glitzy shoes or accessories can add a touch of luxury to a more formal look. I love a basic oversized sweater, with glam metallic shoes, no stretch straight denim, and some bold metal ear candy.

I tend to gravitate towards the silver family when I'm thinking about metallic and colors.  I know golds are popular also, but I'm also seeing and loving hints of rose gold and gunmetal to complete the looks.

In conclusion, metallic trends in 2023 are a chic and sophisticated way to add a "little extra" to your wardrobe. From all over metallic looks to calm metallic accents, there's a way to make this trend work into their wardrobe. Whether you're feeling the need to shine or prefer a quiet elegance, metallic pieces are sure to make a statement. 

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