Size Does Matter

Size Does Matter

Ask any woman their handbag size preference and it will vary as much as their music taste. Big or small size does matter. The rebirth of the fanny pack and micro bag, both were the epitome of chic must have, but now are dying off.  The mini micro bags and fanny packs, are now being replaced by the powerful oversized bag.

The small purse trend was birthed for the need of convenience and free feeling of only bringing the essentials. However, these minis often limited in reality and functionality. The daily life needed more than to hold only a phone and lipstick. As a result, the impractical size wasn't a trend keeper for everyday life or use.

The fanny pack, similarly, became popular as convenient hands-free option in the late 80's but got a bad wrap for their bulky unflattering style and were viewed as too casual for formal events. The name was about as unflattering as the style of the bag, the functionality is what made the bag popular.  The fanny pack rebirth within recent years was an add-on to similar trends from the decade of origin, but its popularity has started to wane.

In contrast to the fanny pack and the mini, "the big bag" has become the new must-have accessory. I love this style and size of bag, it offers a versatility and capacity, along with its ability to make a statement. The runways have definitely taken notice. The big bag trend from structured totes to soft hobo styles, there is something to fit anyone.  Additionally, it just really works with so many lifestyles. 

In conclusion, the popularity shift of handbag styles towards the oversized bag is a reaction to the differing needs of consumers. Consumers that want to standout this stylish trend of the big bag has become the main accessory of the moment. So say goodbye to the mini and the fanny pack, the big bag is here to play.

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