Should I Keep or Should I Throw?

Should I Keep or Should I Throw?

Should I stay or should I go? Should I keep or should I throw?

As the new year begins, and new starts become part of our regular routine; it's important to clean out those closets.  So which fashion trends should stay and know which ones should go? Here are a few trends that are expected to fade away:

Crop tops: While crop tops have been the top of the fashion talks  it's time to move on to new styles. What makes crop tops a winner in the warmer months, also makes them a big loser in the winter months. Crop tops need to go. Crop tops are not really suitable for multiple occasions and limiting in terms of styling options; and not flattering on all body shapes. Instead of showcasing your midriff, consider opting for tops that are a little longer or bodysuits to achieve the same silhouette.

Grunge: The grunge trend, characterized by ripped denim, flannel shirts, and band t-shirts, has been around for a while now. We get exhausted seeing some version of this trend repeat every 7 to 10 years. While it could be a good way to give the old teenage middle finger to the man- of fashion, it's time to move on to fresher styles. Trying to look bad doesn't make you edgy, and sloppy doesn't make you cool.

Mom Jeans: Mom jeans are a relaxed-fit no-stretch denim that tend to be a higher waist with a straight leg. While they had their moment, it's time to ditch them for more flattering styles like high-waisted slim-fit, mini bootcut, or wide-leg jeans. If you like the vintage wash of the mom denim. It can be found in better fits.  Trust the silhouette and proportion experts, very few moms look good in mom jeans.

In summary, as 2023 pushes on, it's time to say goodbye to a lot of old looks. When deciding what to keep or throw follow my guide: first, if you like it wear it. Regardless of trends, your confidence makes you look good. Secondly, if you can't wear it to most occasions you probably only need one, not six in every color. My third rule is that silhouette and proportion always win-the-pot in fashion. If the proportions are off the look is off. Finally, you shouldn't have to "try" to look bad. If you're taking the time and effort to do something be creative and do it well. 

Go ahead embrace the new trends, explore funky, find a solution to those hard to get on with looks, but  always have fun experiencing the art of dressing. 


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