Basic Button-Up Classic

Basic Button-Up Classic

The classic white button-up blouse is probably the most timeless piece a person can own. The button-up has been staple in women's closets for a long time. Anyone, from the minimalist, to the most fashionable, the old and young a like; we have been wearing the white button-up.

This sophisticated piece has been has been used by many designers from Coco Chanel to Yves Saint Laurent. These designers know the clean lines of the white button up makes a great canvas for their art. It has been repeated on runways time after time.

When I think of the classic white blouse, I immediately think about the the "French women's closet," a classic, clean, sophisticated, and iconic collection of clothing. The French white shirt has changed its styling over time as well. Starting around the 1700s it became a staple. Later on it was a symbol of the bourgeoises.  I'm always striving to dress more "French" in my personal style. 

The white blouse is probably the most useful piece of clothing you can own, from a weekend date night blouse to the office. It looks great styled under an sweater, or over a crop top, or even a beach coverup, and as a shirt dress with boots, or over a tank on a cool evening. The styling options are endless and timeless. Yes, you need to invest in a white button up blouse!


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